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1. What is Divi?

Divi is truly a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used to create almost any kind of website.The first time I used WordPress to build a website, I thought it would be extremely easy.

And to be fair, it wasn’t too difficult getting a basic website up and running. However, I didn’t know that customizing a WordPress site and getting it to look exactly how I want would be a different story entirely.

You see, I wasn’t told that when customizing a WordPress website, you are restricted in how much customizing you can actually do according to the theme you are using.

Unless of course, you know html and CSS.Getting content up and a website live is easy, changing the layout isn’t.That was until I started using Divi. Divi is a page builder in the backend and a WYSIWYG editor (Visual Editor) in front.

The page builder allows you to drag and drop different elements to easily design the look and feel of your web pages in a more structured approach.

And the Visual Editor lets you build your pages and posts with point and click ease. The Visual Editor is the closest I’ve seen to a true WYSIWYG builder in WordPress.

It feels as easy as creating a PowerPoint slide.I will go into greater detail with the Divi Builder and Visual Editor a bit further into this Divi review. But for now, let’s discuss what types of websites can be built using Divi. 

2. What I love most about Divi – Design

First, and probably most importantly, Divi lets me build a website that looks exactly how I want it to look.Usually you have to look through different themes to find one that would be a good fit. And then you would need to work within the layout and customization restrictions of the theme (assuming of course, like me, you don’t have any coding skills).With Divi, these restrictions are lifted. Instead of being confined to a certain layout, you can go about designing almost any layout you wish, from simple to complex.With previous themes I would often wish I could make small adjustments to the design without needing to hire a developer.For instance, something as simple as increasing or decreasing the padding between elements.Now with Divi, I can do it by just clicking and dragging in the Visual Editor.

3. The Visual Editor

The Visual Editor is awesome.Usually when you create a page or post, you would have to click “Preview” to see how it would look when it’s live.

Then you’d return to the back-end to make additional changes and constantly have to go back and forth until your web page is complete, and you’re satisfied with the end result.

The Visual Editor puts an end to this back and forth.With the Visual Editor, you can build your entire page in the front end, in real time.

Think of it as building your pages in “Preview” mode, no need for you to ever have to keep switching to the back-end.Divi overviewYou simply point, click, type and customize. And everything you do is in Real Time.There is no refreshing and having to wait to see changes.

Everything happens instantly and everything can be customized, including how your website will look on different devices.


It is common practice throughout the world to use smartphones to look up businesses and transact online; consequently, it’s exceptionally important that your website looks good and is easy to navigate no matter the device that is being used to view it.

A responsive website changes shape to fit the device; it does so by sometimes eliminating specific areas and altering the way it displays.

So your website must look good no matter whether it is viewed on a desktop computer, tablet, laptop or smartphone. The Divi Theme handles this requirement well.

The Divi Theme also provides the benefit of allowing you to check a preview while in the builder mode to see how the content will look on each device before you publish it.

5. Ease of Use

Once you get the hang of it, Divi is extremely simple to use even if you are completely new to building a website on WordPress.

Yes, as with most things, it takes a while to get used to, but once you know the basics of Divi and where to find everything, building your website is easy.With the Visual Editor and Divi Builder, how you go about designing your website will come down to your personal preference.

Do you prefer the structured drag and drop approach to designing your layout? Then using the back-end Divi Builder is right for you.

Or if you are more of a point and click person who prefers to instantly see and make changes on the fly then the Visual Editor is perfect for your needs.I like to use both.

I usually create a page or post using the Divi Builder then switch to the Visual Editor to improve the formatting and layout.

6. Divi Pricing

There’s two pricing options with Divi

  • The lifetime option (one-time payment) at $249 Once-Off
  • Or the Yearly Access (yearly payment) at $89 per year

Current Divi 3.0 Price Table

Both options give you access to all the features, updates, support as well as ALL the additional themes and plugins.
The only differences being the price, and the lifetime option providing full access “forever”, while the yearly is restricted to a full year’s use.
I personally started with the Yearly option and after about 3 and a half months of using it, I upgraded to the lifetime deal as it was a no-brainer.
If you are hesitant to get Divi, I would recommend doing the same.Start with the yearly access and after giving it a fair go, you can always easily upgrade to the lifetime option. If for whatever reason you aren’t happy with Divi, you can get your money back as Elegant Themes offers a full 30-Day no questions asked money back guarantee.
Although it may seem a bit pricey at first, the ability to use Divi on an unlimited number of other websites more than makes up for it. A lot of premium themes only offer single-site licenses.
Meaning that once you purchase the theme, you can only use it on one website. If you wanted to use it on any additional website you would end up having to buy additional licenses.
With both the Lifetime and Yearly options you can install Divi as well as every other premium theme and plugin by Elegant Themes on as many websites as you wish with no restrictions.This, together with the ease of use and features makes it tremendous value for money.
And Divi is packed full of powerful features.It would take more than just this article to discuss them all so, I will go into detail about the features and benefits which I use and love the most and then cover some of the other main features which may be of interest to you
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